Her 50 Shades Of Grey Experience

“As a woman it is pretty damn HOT to surrender control!”

I’ve got a short (free) video for you.

And it features Jasmine.

Jasmine is an attractive all-American girl. (She reminds me of a young Sandra Bullock.)

But she was frustrated at her ability to fully enjoy being a woman.

That was until she answered our ad.

An advertisement that specifically asked for women who wanted to have a 50 Shades Of Grey experience.

We were looking for a woman who was fascinated with the concept of dominance and submission. But had never experienced it, other than perhaps in fantasies.

The interesting thing is Jasmine was a control freak.  Holy cow does she like to be in control!

So what happened?

As she says in the video…

“As a woman it’s pretty damn hot to surrender control!”

Be sure to watch this before you checkout the teleseminar.  What she says is a good preview of what I reveal on the teleseminar “What Every Guy Needs To Know About 50 Shades Of Grey”

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

See you on the other side!

— Mark

P.S. Jasmine is a perfect example of what happens when your average frustrated girl who really really wants pleasure… encounters a Renegade Hypnotist.

P.P.S. This video also a preview of content in the private member’s area. All of Jasmine’s 50-Shades of Gray sessions are available in the member’s area.

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  1. Brian
    2 years ago

    Hi Cassi,

    I heard from a mate that Mark is planning a Vegas event in June.

    Can non RP members attend?



    • Craig
      2 years ago

      Hi Brian,

      Yes non Renegade Project Members can attend, if there are any spaces available. Members get first priority.

  2. Rick
    2 years ago

    Cheria is so hot… We want more of her.

  3. Carmen
    2 years ago

    Can women attend? I’ve experienced the sexual freedom through Mark techniques with a member and I’d like to learn more and be able to return the pleasant favors

    • Mark
      2 years ago

      Yes, women can attend. Come join the fun.

  4. Jocelyn
    2 years ago


    First of all, from what I have seen so far on your site, I must say that I’m pretty impressed with your work. I am intending to be in Vegas for your seminar in June, and I would like to have some insights from you with regard to your seminar.

    I’m a totally newbie to hypnosis, though I have read a lot a material, but never experienced receving nor given hypnosis (only practiced self hypnosis with little success). I want basics hand on to kickstart my capability in helping with hypnosis for non professionnal help to my spouse, relatives and friend and myself. I’m interested in therapeutic hypnosis for others (stop smoking for exemple) as much as bringing enhancement to my relationship.

    As I understand, your seminar is mostly narrowed towards relationship sexual discovery. This something I very do look fowards to, but with the assumption that I’m very good at self learning, will I have with your seminar the tools I need to learn therapeutic hypnosis afterward, or should I expect to have to go to another more broard basic hypnosis course?

    Thank you and looking foward to see you in Vegas.

  5. Lynn
    2 years ago

    @Carmen & @Jocelyn & any ladies interested.

    I joined RHP at the launch as a relative novice hypnotist.
    The program is amazing. Yes women can do this. Yes it works just as well on men. :)

    But the truly staggering improvement has been in the way that I have learned to take control of my own life. Oh, and it’s fun! Really really really fun!

  6. Carmen
    2 years ago

    Hi @Lynn,

    Thanks for your reply. I’m actually attending so I expect to take control of my life too and feel kind of the same way you do now :)… It’s been really fun so far so I expect it to get better and more interesting after Vegas.

    @Jocelyn / @Lynn… See you in Vegas girls.

  7. Vincent
    2 years ago

    An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a colleague
    who has been conducting a little homework on this.

  8. gurgle
    2 years ago

    This is great. Your work so far is amazing so I know this will be top notch too.

    I once attended one of your seminars and it changed my life. Your program Choosing Perfect Health, why doesn’t it work for you? You look fat and worn out and choose an unhealthy lifestyle. Maybe you should come up with a new program, like Choosing Perfect Health part 2?

    What do you think?

  9. Dimitri
    2 years ago

    Hi Mark, I admore your work, do you do skype consultations?

  10. Dimitri
    2 years ago

    Hi Mark, I admire your work, do you do skype consultations?

  11. Lee
    2 years ago

    Very interesting and this has to be a great deal of help to a lot of people.

    I have been a hypnotist for 45 years, training from Banyan, Kein and Boyne. I have done some of this stuff and can attest to any of your readers or potential clients that it really works; WELL !

  12. Miss Wayne
    2 years ago

    I had the pleasure of being hypnotised by Mark several months ago. Despite having many sexual partners in over ten years time, I could not have an orgasm. I could give one to myself quite easily, so I knew that it wasn’t a physical problem.

    I am VERY HAPPY to say that I have had nearly a dozen orgasms through sex with my partner and feel so much better. I feel sexier and act sexier and much more confident. I am forever grateful to Mark and his magical powers!


  13. Craig
    1 year ago

    My wife and I just watched the Jasmine clip together. I think(?) we get it. Our question:
    As someone who wants to raise the level of pleasure they can experience, is the heightened pleasure you experience under trance, remembered and experienced in reality? Is that the idea of this hypnotic approach? I hope I’m asking this correctly?!?!?
    PS, We’ve come across a student of Marks. He has always seemed to have a very good handle on understanding what a woman really wants sexually from her partner. This seems to emanate from what Mark teaches.

  14. That is a really good tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Simple but very precise info… Appreciate your sharing this one.

    A must read article!

  15. Jason
    1 year ago

    Hi Mark,
    I joined your class in Thailand in ’09 when you called it Conditioning for Consensual Slavery. Changed my life. Hypnotic orgasms on command were just a small part of it – just knowing that I can do it has let me move through the world with more relaxed masculinity, and you’ve let me add to the happiness of the people around me.
    Thanks – you do fantastic, important work.

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