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December 1, 2013
From the Garden Spot of The Universe

Dear Friend,

Do you like learning shortcuts, so you can skip the doing things the hard way?

Do you learn best by “hands-on” practice?

Do you like having someone experienced watch and guide you, so you get it right the first time?

I know I do.  It’s why I sought out the best of the best and spent tens of thousands of dollars traveling to learn from them.

And it’s why I recently created a new training for people who want to learn my unique methods  of hypnosis for giving women mind-blowing pleasure.

It all started when I was chatting with one of my advanced students by the name of John.  He said “You know what would be great? A 30-day plan to get started as a Renegade Hypnotist.”

As we talked about it, I realized he was on to something. So that day I began to draw out a road map.

I laid out in an easy step-by-step sequence… what a person needs to go from zero knowledge to success as a Renegade Hypnotist.  None of the therapy stuff, just the skills and tools you need to be able to do what you see in my videos where I’m giving women massive multiple orgasms.

Then I took that road map and created a 3-day training, which was debuted in Las Vegas last June.

88 excited people experienced this new training, and were unleashed on the world as new Renegade Hypnotists.  Men, women & couples all discovered how simple it is to take another human into trance.  And most important how to give them waves of ever stronger pleasure, to play with sensation, and to make fantasy real.

It worked out so well I’m doing it again.  This time in Orlando Florida.

Give me 3 days and I’ll turn you into a Renegade Hypnotist Guaranteed!

This will be how you can go from from enthusiastic and willing to learn, step-by-step with me teaching you exactly how to do what you need to get started.  So by the end of the 3-days you’ll be feeling successful and confident you know you can do this.

How is this possible?  Simple, because I’ll be there showing you how it’s done.  You’ll see a live demo and then IMMEDIATELY practice with a partner, getting course correction in real time.

An entire weekend of do-the-drills, get-the-skills.  With me giving you feedback, answering your questions, and showing you the tips & tricks I’ve learned.  All designed to shortcut your learning process.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover at this eye-opening event: 
  • Multiple demonstrations of the hypnotic techniques
  • A 30-day fast start plan to keep your momentum going
  • The most powerful learning state ever discovered. (Hint: it’s the opposite of what you do in school)
  • Why women LOVE to be hypnotized! (You just have to know how to present it)
  • Stop any woman from being NEUROTIC.  (She will love you for it)
  • How to do Recreational Hypnosis anywhere.
  • Single? Discover how to choose good subjects and have fun at the same time.
  • 3 simple words to handle any unexpected response
  • How to get control of what’s inside your head. (If you don’t control your thoughts… who will?)
  • The 4-Step Process for powerful positive beliefs.
  • The simple secret to step outside the boundaries of ordinary daily life.
  • The secret to Charisma. (Hint: It has nothing to do with your personality)
  • How to experience unlimited PLEASURE.
  • The Infamous “Tell Me Game”. (One of our Secret Weapons)
  • What to do when something goes wrong. (You’ll be so smooth they won’t even notice)
  • How to do the full Renegade Hypnosis Sequence with any human
  • Hands-on practice with all the Core Renegade Techniques
  • Experience the Renegade Process as both the hypnotist and a subject (so you’ll know exactly what it’s like)
  • How to work with different types of PLEASURE (and get the desired response)
  • Discover exactly what the subject goes through
  • An essential grasp of the Core Concepts, overall Framework, and all key Renegade Hypnotic Techniques
  • Step-by-step instructions for every part of the Renegade Sequence
  • Complete demonstrations of every technique (with follow up Q&A)
  • Live demonstrations with one of the Renegade Project Girls (You’ll be able to ask her what it’s like for a woman)
  • And Much More!


Watch Me Demonstrate So You Can See How It’s Done 

I’ll be bringing a woman to demonstrate on so you can see how it’s done from the very beginning.  I’ll demonstrate with her and then break down the techniques for you step-by-step.

You get to see for real how it’s done.  And how I work.  You can see how fast it works.  You can see the response of the subject.

And you get to ask BOTH of us questions immediately after the demonstration.  For a lot of guys, asking the girl questions about what it’s like has been a game-changer.

 Everyone Who Attends Gets These Extra Bonuses 
Wild Screaming Hypnotic Orgasms!
The Los Angeles Sessions
[3 DVD Set – A $249 Value]

Three years ago I went to Los Angeles and rounded up three smoking hot Hollywood models, Jessica, Moxxy, and Indy, and brought them to a sound studio in Los Angeles, hypnotized them and within minutes they were each having massive multiple screaming orgasms on command.

These women were each HIGHLY responsive and very quickly are having mind-blowing full-body orgasms.

These are the EXACT SAME TECHNIQUES I show you in the Renegade Project!

The reason I’m giving you this bonus is so you can see what is possible with what you’ll be learning.  You’ll see me using everything I’ll be teaching you.  The only difference is the speed at which I do the techniques, which comes from experience.

Warning: These women were screamers!  You’ll want to make sure you have the volume turned down when you watch.

This Bonus will be delivered to you at the seminar. These are NOT shipped.



Hypnotic Orgasm Secrets
The Tara Sessions
[2 Video Set – $149 Value]

These are sessions of me working with a woman (Tara) who rarely had orgasms in her life. In this high-octane hypnosis video you will witness the full potential of what you can do with these techniques.

While not actual anorgasmia (inability to orgasm),  Tara came to us with quite a challenge when it came to orgasms.  Sadly this is not uncommon. You’ll be amazed at how in less than an hour she is able to easily have multiple powerful orgasms.  Over and over again.

After she becomes fully orgasmic some real magic happens. Which is why you are getting this video series.  So you can see this is more than about orgasms, you can change a woman’s life in powerful positive ways… forever.


 Foolproof Hypnotic Trance
[$20 Value]


This guide shows you the only trance inducing technique you’ll ever need.  It’s known as the Elman Induction and if you follow the steps… it’s foolproof.

This brand new guide shows you the Elman Induction in the exact way you’ll be learning it.  And breaks down each step so you know what, why & how.


 Special Saturday Night Session
With Renegade Hypnotist Project
Mentor Todd Stevens
[$250 Value]

Meeting Room

Todd Stevens is the first official Renegade Hypnotist Mentor and he will be leading a special evening session where you can ask questions, request techniques be demonstrated, or just find out how Todd got so good so fast.

And if you ask nicely, Todd might just spill the beans on how he repeatedly gets invited to some VERY sexy parties to demonstrate on the ladies.


The Mystery Secret Bonus

This is something new I’ve created.  So far only a few people have seen it and they LOVED it.  This directly ties in to what you’ll be learning at the seminar, but with one big difference. (Hint: it isn’t about them… it’s about YOU)

Don’t ask me what it is and don’t bug my staff.  They are under strict orders not to tell you what it’s about.  You’ll find out what it is at the seminar.  And how to integrate it into your Renegade toolkit.

Only people attending the seminar will get this!


 Bring Your Wife/Girlfriend/Lover For FREE!
[$1197 Value]

pro12145433If you want to bring a woman to practice with, you can. There is one rule. And the rule is simple… she must be a lover… someone you are currently having sex with.

It can be your wife, your girlfriend or occasional lover. This will provide you a great opportunity to do extra-curricular practice in the privacy of your hotel room.

WARNING: Do not trick a woman into the seminar with an offer of a trip to Orlando. One foolish man did this with his woman at my Erotic Hypnosis seminar and it didn’t end well for them.



Everyone Who Stays At The Seminar Hotel
Gets This Special Bonus 

We want to encourage you to stay at the seminar hotel so you won’t be late and disturb the class.  Orlando has some bad traffic, you have to find parking… it’s a hassle.

Plus we want to encourage you to get to know the other students.  The more rapport in the group the better and faster you all will learn together. It’s a chance for you to meet fascinating like minded people.  Some lifelong friends have been made in my classes.

Private Access To NEW, Unreleased, Never Before Seen Online Video ($700 value)
ONLY For Hilton Orlando Guests

Hilton Orlando Relaxation

We have a discount room rate for Hilton Orlando Hotel, the official Renegade Seminar Hotel.  You’ll get private access to the soon to be release videos series containing all the techniques you’ll be learning at this seminar.  It’s like your permanent reference of everything you’ll learn, so when you go home you can quickly and easily refresh your memory.

You’ll be the first to get access to this new High Definition video series of me demonstrating and explaining each technique.  When we put these up for sale the price will be $700.  You get them for FREE, but only if you stay at the Hilton.

Online video access ($700 value) will ONLY be for those staying in the Hilton!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

People have traveled from all parts of the planet to be at my events, so I’m fully confident you’ll be thrilled you decided to attend.

But if for some reason at the end of the first day of the seminar you aren’t satisfied, just let me know.  If I can’t resolve the issue, I’ll refund your registration fee.  No hassles and no hard time.


This event has been designed such that everyone who attends will come out the other end knowing exactly what to do, knowing you can do it, and knowing it will lead to success.

Full of confidence about your new skills and unleashed upon the world.  Doing “the work”, giving women pleasure and making them WILDLY ORGASMIC.

This is your feet first plunge into the Renegade Lifestyle.

Come join the fun in Orlando!

Renegade Hypnotist Seminar,
Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2014
Click the big yellow button
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Single payment: $1197


Want to pay by check?  Call the Trucor office and ask for Cassi.
419-882-8543 from 10:00am – 4:00pm Eastern (New York time)


See you in Orlando!

Mark Sig

Mark Cunningham
Renegade Hypnotist

P.S.  Here are some common questions about the seminar


How is Instant Orgasm on Command possible?


I know it seems hard to believe.  But it’s not only possible, it’s actually how orgasm happens for a woman (and also how they are blocked).

The key to a woman being highly orgasmic is unleashing her mind.  And recent science using brain imaging has proven this to be true (Read the Science of Orgasm by Dr. Barry Komisurak).

Fact is, stage hypnotists have known this for years.  And stage hypnotists get propositioned by women frequently after their shows.



Can it be used in ‘pick up’ in some sort of way..?  Like can we use it to give a woman we almost have just met to give her a lot of pleasure?  And help in the process to really increase our chances of us dating her and she being our girlfriend?


Yes!  And it will instantly make you stand out from other guys.  How? Simple, you become a fascination object.  And who wouldn’t want to be fascinating to women???

And when you can make women feel pleasure this way, it boosts your confidence too.



Can a average Joe like me do Hypnosis?


Yes!  No experience is required.  You do the drills you get the skills.

Even if English isn’t your first language you can do this. There are men coming from France, Mexico, and Sweden.



My woman just does not feel comfortable with the hypnosis thing. How can I get her interested in trying it?


First a warning… do NOT show your woman the videos of Hypnotic Orgasms before you try to hypnotize her.  This can create problems if she doesn’t believe it’s possible because she doesn’t want to be a woman who can’t do it.

Second… don’t jump right into hypnosis.  Instead you can say, “would you like to feel good?” or “I learned a new way to relieve stress and feel good quickly, would you like to try it?”

When presented the right way women love trance. If you come to the Erotic Hypnosis Seminar you will learn many ways to get them excited about hypnosis.



Does it work on everyone, or are some people unhypnotizable?


A little known secret about humans is we are all trance engines.  We naturally go in and out of trance states every day.  So everyone is hypnotizable.

The only requirements is they have a pulse and an IQ above 70.  People with low IQ can’t follow instructions well so they are difficult to hypnotize.



I don’t know how to bring up this subject with my wife/girlfriend. How can I do that?


Start with telling her you’ve been learning new ways to make your sex life and relationship even better.  I doubt she will object.  How many guys make that kind of effort?

She will want to know what it is.  Don’t explain it to her… show her how good you can make her feel.



Can you make a person do something against their will?


No.  Hypnosis is not mind control, that’s Hollywood movie crap.  If you could use hypnosis to control people against their will it would be a top military secret.



Can the woman be lead to be more experimental?


Absolutely.  Because inside of trance fantasies become very real so she can safely experience new behaviors and discover she enjoys them.

Also you can help her overcome any inhibitions due to her social conditioning.  This frees her up to be wildly sexual with you.