This Isn’t Game… It’s Science!

You’ve heard me say it.

That the Renegade Hypnotist Project isn’t about game.

What we do is based on science. So what is the science?

It’s pretty freaking cool actually.

First of all…

Women can orgasm using only their mind

Any stage hypnotist would tell you this is true. Adult stage hypnosis shows always have women on stage having screaming orgasms.

Stage hypnotists are very popular at adult parties too.

But thanks to modern brain imaging, scientist have proven that women can have orgasms by simply thinking about having sex.

As this quote shows:

Research suggests another way that women’s brains are different than men’s when it comes to sex: some women can “think themselves off” — induce orgasm without any physical stimulation.

This knowledge might help make sex more pleasurable for women.

Dr. Barry Komisaruk, Rutgers University
Pleasures of the Brain: Neural Bases of Sensory Pleasure. (Oxford University Press.)

Renegade Hypnotists use this constantly to give women massive pleasure by using provocative imagery and sensation.

Addictive chemicals are released by orgasms

Women love sex because not only does it feel good, but because chemical reactions take place in our brains when she has it.

orgasm chemicals in your brain

When a woman orgasms, these feel-good brain chemicals are released in her body.

And she will associate all these good feelings with YOU.

Because you are the direct cause of her feelings so freaking good.

And when she has multiple full-body orgasms in a row, she is FLOODED with these natural chemicals.


A brain chemical that brings women comfort and contentment while reducing stress and increasing optimism.


Affects brain processes that control emotional response, and ability to experience pleasure. It is also considered an “orgasm accelerator” making multiple orgasms easier.


Often called the “hormone of love” and the “cuddle hormone,” The release of these brain chemicals during orgasm heightens feelings of passion, bonding and trust.


This is the happy hormone! They have a similar chemical structure to morphine. Endorphins induce a feeling of general well-being, and can even act as analgesics (the body produces them to counter extreme stress and pain).

The brain chemical fix is hard to shake, because these are not only addictive but they make women happy, energized, feeling strong and alive.

These brain chemicals are why I say women can NOT be both orgasmic and neurotic at the same time!

And why I warn you that when you use Renegade Hypnotist methods with a woman, you must choose carefully because they can become addicted to YOU!

She won’t give a crap about guys.

However she will spend her days thinking about how to make you the happiest man in the known universe, because she won’t want to lose you.

This isn’t game… It’s science!

Join my lifestyle.

Go Renegade!

— Mark

P.S. For more on the science, get this book:
The Science of Orgasm
by Komisaruk, Beyer and Whipple John’s Hopkins Press


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  1. Uswriter
    2 years ago

    Just read or actually skimmed the article quoted in this message. Very interesting. Perhaps i misunderstood the article, but it seemed to me both men and women can think-off an orgasm. If that is true why is there so much focus on getting the women to experience extended sensual bliss. Why not train both men and women to be multi-orgasmic?

    • Mark
      2 years ago

      Yes, men can be multi-orgasmic or have orgasms without ejaculation. So why not teach both? Because almost all women want multiple orgasms, while men find it interesting but it’s not high on their list of life goals.

      However, most men want to be able to do this for their women. Men have a strong desire to be a great lover. So by teaching men how to do this, we satisfy a strong desire they have and they in turn satisfy a strong desire women have.

  2. Mr E
    2 years ago

    Thanks for this. Are there women that are just too difficult to achieve this with? My experience is limited. I’ve heard that low-self-esteem women are less responsive to orgasm. I’ve also found them consistently the most neurotic. Is it possible to fix a low-self-esteem woman’s neuroses through orgasm? And if it’s possible, is it likely? And is it an absurd amount of effort? Thanks, Mark.

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