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Erotic Hypnosis – Sexy Fun Hypnosis For Lovers

Many people are curious about Erotic Hypnosis. After all the name is made up of two words which have a very high emotional charge. Erotic. And Hypnosis. So let’s take these in reverse order and start with… What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis isn’t a thing. It’s a process by which one ...

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Awakening Unafraid – Fear vs Hesitation

Have you ever hesitated? It’s a safe bet you have. Did your hesitation lead directly to success?? Probably not. And while there are some situations hesitation can be useful, most times it stops you from moving towards your desired outcomes. Bad thing! Hesitation is generally a behavior that ho...

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Train as if your life depends on it! (Hint: it does)

Recent events in my life have prompted me to look back and remember… How To Train A topic raised here recently bore on encouraging new students and getting them ready for our events. So let’s talk about how to train. (Note: A much more complete version is within the Renegade Hypnotist Projec...

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Awakening Unafraid – We Invent Our Fears

We invent our fears. Or put another way, we make shit up to be afraid of, and it does serve a purpose. It’s just not serving you reaching your optimal outcomes. The problem is we spend decades practicing negative thoughts. Below is an excerpt from part 1 of Awakening Unafraid where I explain...

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Workshop: Conditioning For Permanent Change at HypnoThoughts Live 2018

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Influential Storytelling Skills [Video]

When I want to exert hypnotic influence in daily life. When I want to be very persuasive. When I want to ‘change minds’ of a group I am speaking to… There is one technique I always use! I reveal it on this video: Want to how to do this? It’s part of my new program Essential ...

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