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Trying Is Bullshit!

Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try. –YODA, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Either you karate-do “yes” or karate-do “no.” You karate-do “guess so,” get squish just like grape. Understand? — Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid I will never ask y...

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The Renegade Revolution: Be a Player instead of a pawn!

The name of the game is INFLUENCE, and you are either one a player or a pawn. Going Renegade means, you are no longer going to allow other people to make your decisions. You step back into the game as a Player. There are two steps: STEP 1: Do the self-development work I map out […]...

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7 things she said “keeps their sex life hot”

Women like sex. And even more important… Women don’t like BAD sex. And for most women bad means boring. If the sex is boring, she’ll stop having sex. Most guys don’t understand this because for them any sex is good. And if you’ve been paying attention to what I show you...

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Pleasure Comes From Your Mind

An essential tool for a Renegade Hypnotist is what I call Sensation Play. This is the ability to create Pleasure in all it’s forms out of thin air. Something many people believe to be clearly impossible, yet it’s based on the science of how your mind works. In this short video you’...

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Thinking Out Loud Seminar Preview: Deconstructing Tantra

In particular we are looking at the yoga of violation and how you can consciously choose to bring things into your life that violate and challenge your social conditioning. And how to take what tantra is… the systemic violation, analysis, & reconstruction of self, and use trance to acceler...

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Thinking Out Loud Seminar Preview: You Can’t Heal If You Can’t Hex

Bluntly, if you don’t have really powerful technique, you can’t really heal. You don’t have the stones to cause positive change when faced with resistance. This is what we used to call ‘Forbidden Techniques’. Or as people refer to my work… ‘highly intrusive&...

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