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Influential Storytelling Skills [Video]

When I want to exert hypnotic influence in daily life.

When I want to be very persuasive.

When I want to ‘change minds’ of a group I am speaking to…

There is one technique I always use!

I reveal it on this video:

Want to how to do this?

It’s part of my new program Essential Renegade Hypnosis.

Goal Setting Mindset – Imagining Your Ideal Outcomes

When it comes to setting goals that you actually achieve, goals that you achieve consistently as an act of will… There’s an important secret we hypnotists know that must happen in order for you to succeed wildly. A critical component which most people leave out.

Discover this crucial step in this video…

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Trying Is Bullshit!

Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.

–YODA, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Either you karate-do “yes” or karate-do “no.”
You karate-do “guess so,” get squish just like grape. Understand?

— Mr. Miyagi, The Karate Kid

I will never ask you to try anything, because that pre-supposes the possibility of failure.
And in the world of Marknosis we do not fail. We only succeed. Trying is bullshit!

— Mark Cunningham, Hypnotic Awakenings

Discover more in this video…

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The Renegade Revolution: Be a Player instead of a pawn!

The name of the game is INFLUENCE, and you are either one a player or a pawn.

Going Renegade means, you are no longer going to allow other people to make your decisions. You step back into the game as a Player.

There are two steps:

STEP 1: Do the self-development work

I map out how you can become free from outside influence and change your beliefs, habits, and even identity (who you are) in my Hypnotic Awakenings program.

STEP 2: Become adept at wielding influence

All the tools you need to become highly influential are in my program Essential Renegade Hypnosis.

7 things she said “keeps their sex life hot”

Women like sex.

And even more important…

Women don’t like BAD sex.

And for most women bad means boring. If the sex is boring, she’ll stop having sex. Most guys don’t understand this because for them any sex is good.

And if you’ve been paying attention to what I show you, then you know for a women exciting sex happens when the man grabs her by the brain stem and turns on her MIND!

I recently ran across an article by a woman in a 5 year relationship where they still have rip-up-the-sheets sex.

These are the 7 things she said keeps their sex life hot with my comments

1. Lingerie All Day, Every Day

Her comments: “Wearing lingerie makes me feel really, really good!”

My comments: I’ve been telling guys for years it’s a major turn on when you tell her “wear something sexy for me.” Even more so if you went out of your way to buy her something sexy. She’ll do it. She’ll feel sexy and desired. And she’ll be thinking about you!

And it’s a pretty safe bet no other guy has done this for her, so you’ll stand out from the crowd.

2. Take it Outside the Bedroom, Regularly

Her comments: “Doing it somewhere new adds an extra level of excitement and can also lead to trying new things.”

My comments: This should be a no-brainer, even if it’s just for your own selfish reasons. I’m stunned at how many guys only do it in the bedroom. You can have sex anywhere! (Just don’t do anything that would draw the attention of local law enforcement.)

Bend her over the couch. Take her on the kitchen counter. Do it on a campout. Do it in a boat.

Get Creative and have fun!

3. We Use Time Apart to Our Advantage

Her comments: “Nights apart are the perfect excuse for foreplay via text. It’s fun and builds sexual tension.”

My comments: I’m amazed at guys who won’t do this for fear of offending a woman. Fact is, she has received thousands of boring texts from guys. Don’t be like those guys.

Like I show in Power of Erotic Hypnosis, it’s easy to use words to influence her mind (and thus her body). Even in simple text messages.

Think about it… how hard is it to send a flirty, sexy message every so often. I don’t care how busy you are, you’ve got enough time to send a text.

4. Dirty Talk Is Our Friend

Her comments: “Doing it and hearing it is a turn on — it’s as simple as that. I turn into a little demon”

My comment: You can paint very evocative and erotic picture in a woman’s mind when you know how to use sensory rich language. (This is essential for Hypnotic Orgasms.)

And women LOVE IT! As long as you talk dirty in the proper context (during sex, sexting etc.) it’s a HUGE turn on for her!

5. We Slow It Down — Quickies Are Hot, but There’s a Time and Place

Her comments: “Quickies do serve a purpose and we certainly have them, but it’s important to also take it slow and enjoy foreplay (which can sometimes be the best bit, by the way).”

My comments: Variety is the spice of life! And great sex too. She’s excited because she never knows what to expect and you get to have fun and be creative.

However doing it slow all the time can get boring too.

Sometimes she just wants you to bend her over the couch, rip off her panties, and take her like you own her.

How do I know this? 30,000 hours of hypnosis sessions with bored middle class housewives. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Just once I wish he’d fuck me instead of making love!”

6. We Talk About Sex When We Aren’t Having It

Her comments: “Voicing what turns you on and what doesn’t and things you want to try is so important.”

My comments: In Essential Renegade Hypnosis you’ll see me leading a woman through very detailed scenarios inside her mind. However, before I do this I find out what she likes (and don’t like) and use that info while creating the scenes in her mind. This also builds trust.

This is especially important when you want to introduce new taboos into your sex life! Find out where she is, what she’s open to experiencing now, and then lead her through it inside her mind.

Done correctly she’ll be massively turned on and be open to new experiences with you.

7. Toys R Us

Her comments: “if you feel like you want to experiment, a vibrator, a blindfold, or some handcuffs will never lead you astray.”

My comments: There’s a reason bondage ‘play’ gear is a $15 BILLION market. And ever since 50 Shades of Grey women either have played or want to play this way.

And here’s a little secret… as a hypnotist you can do these things inside of trance. You can tell her she’s wearing handcuffs and she’ll feel them. Tell her she can’t move until you say a certain word… and she won’t be able to move.

This isn’t magic. If you go see a stage hypnotist they do things like this in every show. I’ve used ‘hypnotic glue’ at parties to stick a girl’s hand to my butt, then lead her around the room. The amount of things you can do with hypnotic influence is only limited by your imagination.

Key Takeaway: Women don’t like boring sex.

The good news is it’s easy to be an exciting lover. Just be creative and learn how to use the power of evocative sensory rich language. This is what it means to be hypnotic.


Pleasure Comes From Your Mind

An essential tool for a Renegade Hypnotist is what I call Sensation Play.

This is the ability to create Pleasure in all it’s forms out of thin air. Something many people believe to be clearly impossible, yet it’s based on the science of how your mind works.

In this short video you’ll discover how it’s not only possible… it’s easy to do.


This is a clip from my online video training program Essential Renegade Hypnosis

You can see more clips from this video series as well as many other topics on the Renegade Hypnotist Channel on YouTube