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Lightning Path Teleseminar

From the recent Renegade Hypnotist Teleseminar on Lightning Path Tantra. This event focused on answering questions sent in about the new Lightning Path Tantra Seminars.

Some of what is covered…

  • What is Tantra (and what it’s not)
  • How Tantra training leads to sexual confidence
  • Unconventional Orgasms (for men and women)
  • Why tantra-trained men are “in demand”
  • Going from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Male Multiple-Orgasms!
  • How to get Tantra benefits without the woo-woo (no incense, beads or robes required)
  • and more…

Click HERE to download the MP3.

Lightning Path Tantra: Positive Impact Spirituality

When people hear the word’s ‘tantra’ and ‘spirituality’ images can pop into their heads of people in long flowing robes wearing beads and looking glassy-eyed. And while this may be true of some tantra oriented groups, this is the opposite of what spirituality means in the Lightning Path coursework.

We will be taking a more ‘muscular’ approach to spirituality. Our approach is to have a positive impact on the world around you, as well as on yourself.

In this short video above I explain in more detail.

If you are interested in our Lightning Path Tantra trainings, click here to visit the Upcoming Seminars page to see our schedule of live events.


Lightning Path Tantra: Overview

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the upcoming new series of trainings called The Lightning Path. This short video gives an overview of what you can expect.


More videos soon with details about the Level One and Level Two trainings.

Registration will be open soon.

New Seminar! Belief Systems Engineering

Once upon a time there was a live training called Thought Crimes. It was held in Taos New Mexico. It became legendary because it revealed what was at the time a revolutionary methodology for taking control of your own belief system. Enabling you to modify, create, and change any beliefs in such a way as they served you in reaching your most desired goals in life.

This became my most famous seminar for many years until I retired from clinical hypnosis and went Renegade.

Now due to popular demand, it’s time to revisit and update this legendary system for taking control of your own beliefs. So we at Renegade Hypnotist are excited to announce this new live training:

Belief Systems Engineering

Watch this short video for full details.

This seminar will only be offered once.  So if you want to know… you gotta go.




Beyond Orgasm – Changing Average To Amazing

At a recent seminar a student asked the question:

“The pleasure/orgasm response is very powerful, but what else does the women get besides that?”

Orgasms are just a form of energy. And sexual energy is extremely powerful and easy to access which is why we use it. The real secret is what you can do with that energy to enhance your subjects life!

That’s what this short video is about…


Sessions 5 to 7 in Essential Renegade Hypnosis are about what you can do to enhance their life. Help her find out just how amazing she can be in every aspect of her life.

The Badass Interview: Hypnotic Power With Women

Sexuality Expert Jim Clair interviews Renegade Hypnotist Mark Cunningham on the topic:
How To Have Hypnotic Power With Women.

When this interview was recorded, Jim was the sexuality expert for the Tao of Badass, and had been using Erotic Hypnosis with his girlfriend for over 3 years. So he jumped at the chance to interview his hypnosis mentor Mark Cunningham.

The Badass Interview – Hypnotic Power With Women [Part 1]

The Badass Interview – Hypnotic Power With Women [Part 2]

The Badass Interview – Hypnotic Power With Women [Part 3]


Here are the links mentioned in the interview:

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