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The Lazy Man’s Approach To Seduction – Part 1


Laziness is the father of invention.

Don’t know who said it first, but it’s true.

Think about it… do you really like to work HARD and struggle to get things you want?

I don’t.

Which is why I sat down years ago and figured out an easy way to what is commonly called ‘seduction’.

I don’t think of my method as seduction.

Here’s why…

Encyclopedia Britannica defines seduction as follows:

“The term refers to any act of persuasion that leads to sexual intercourse.”

Sexual intercourse = Good thing!

Act of persuasion = work.

Bad thing!

Persuasion is another word for convincing. And if you have to convince a woman to sleep with you, you are doing things the hard way.

Being in the convincing business sucks.

What if instead, you only gave your valuable time to women who ALREADY want to sleep with you?

Wouldn’t that make your life easier?

All you would have to do, is not fuck things up!

This is the core of my method.

I’ve been telling my seminar students this for years. The ones that pay attention are happier than a woodpecker in a lumber yard.

Think about it… you don’t have to dress like your going to Burning Man, you don’t have to memorize lines or canned routines, and you don’t have to spend hours in loud nightclubs.

So at this point you might be wondering… how do I do this Mark?

There are 2 secret ingredients, today I’ll show you the first one.

Secret Ingredient #1: Train Your Brain!

You need to train your subconscious mind to ‘scan’ for women who already want to have sex with you.

Now I realize this may sound weird, but you already have this ability.

And you’ve probably done this before, but it in a different way.

Example: You buy a new car. Then you begin to notice how many other people are driving the same model car.

Did everyone suddenly run out and buy that car?


It’s because the car became important to you.

Your subconscious is being the happy helper it is and is pointing the other cars out to you.

(Women go through this when they buy an accessory like a new handbag. But It’s not a happy experience for them to notice other women with the same item.)

So how do you train your own brain?

You can do what I refer to as “give it a cookie”.

When your subconscious does something for you, like remind you to grab your keys as you are walking out the door… give it a cookie.

It’s as simple as saying “thank you subconscious”.

Then spend a few minutes every day visualizing a woman who is looking at you like you are the desert tray.

Do this for 21 days and your subconscious will start sending you signals to notice women.

And when it does, remember to say thank you.

If you want to speed this process up… use trance. Trance is the best learning environment we know.

If you’ve been to one of my seminars, you already know how to do this.

If you haven’t, you have a few options:

All The Way Down [CD] – A classic induction combined with the removal of any and all barriers to trance. Plus a set of powerful direct suggestions that train you how to easily and naturally embrace Trance for self-directed Change.

Hypnotic Awakenings [7 CDs] – Discover the mechanisms of coming Awake though hypnotic conditioning – conditioning that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own psyche. Rowdy, ribald and Real – Learn tools to Change Your Mind Forever!

See you on the other side!

What is an Orgasm On Command?

Can she orgasm on your command?

Can your woman orgasm on command?

Just the name makes people curious.

Orgasm On Command

Or as I more commonly hear it said…

“Wait, what?! Orgasm on command???”

Usually followed by, “Is that really possible?”

Yes. It’s possible.

And it’s much easier than you think.

Which is why it’s a key part of the Renegade Training Process called “Conditioning With Pleasure”.

So, how does it work?

Basically it uses a ‘trigger’. This is also called an ‘anchor’.

It’s a technique that goes back to Pavlov and his famous salivating dogs.

It goes like this: Ring bell then feed dog Dog salivates at food Repeat

This sets the trigger (bell) for the ‘conditioned’ response (dog salivates)

Then when he rang the bell, the dogs would salivate. No need to feed them dinner.

You have triggers you are unaware of in your everyday life. A whiff of a certain perfume can make you instantly think of an ex-girlfriend.

A song on the radio reminds you of the fun you had at a concert or party.

Now the really cool thing is you can anchor pleasure states (such as orgasm) and fire off the trigger later to get the response.

The key is timing and repetition.

There are 2 ways to do this:

1. In the bedroom

When your woman is having an orgasm… anchor it. The anchor can be a touch, or a phrase like “cum for me baby” or both.

Next time she has an orgasm you do this again, and again.After a while you can test it by firing the anchor and see if she has an orgasm.

Remember… timing and repetition.

Then test. Verify the trigger is working. If it’s not yet working or not consistent, do more repetitions.

2. In Trance

Trance has two big advantages, first it’s the best learning environment ever discovered, and second is you can use hypnotic orgasms and anchor those.

This can be done in a single hypnosis session!

This can be done with any woman.

Even those who have difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse.

Setting the pleasure trigger is one of the most important things to do, but luckily it’s very easy.

Fact is, nobody fights against feeling pleasure!

And it’s one of the key ways we differentiate ourselves as Renegade Hypnotists.

I show how to do this in the first set of videos in the Renegade Hypnotist Project.

If you’re interested in becoming a Renegade Hypnotist, you can check out what it’s all about, including $100s in free bonuses here:

Click here to discover
how to become a Renegade Hypnotist

Then show some lucky woman how she can Orgasm on Command.

Female Orgasm And The Mind

You’ve heard me say it.

That the Renegade Hypnotist Project isn’t about game.

What we do is based on science. So what is the science?

It’s pretty freaking cool actually.

First of all…

Women can orgasm using only their mind

Any stage hypnotist would tell you this is true. Adult stage hypnosis shows always have women on stage having screaming orgasms.

Stage hypnotists are very popular at adult parties too.

But thanks to modern brain imaging, scientist have proven that women can have orgasms by simply thinking about having sex.

As this quote shows:


Research suggests another way that women’s brains are different than men’s when it comes to sex: some women can “think themselves off” — induce orgasm without any physical stimulation.

This knowledge might help make sex more pleasurable for women.

Dr. Barry Komisaruk, Rutgers University
Pleasures of the Brain: Neural Bases of Sensory Pleasure. (Oxford University Press.)


Renegade Hypnotists use this constantly to give women massive pleasure by using provocative imagery and sensation.

Addictive chemicals are released by orgasms

Women love sex because not only does it feel good, but because chemical reactions take place in our brains when she has it.

orgasm chemicals in your brain

When a woman orgasms, these feel-good brain chemicals are released in her body.

And she will associate all these good feelings with YOU.

Because you are the direct cause of her feelings so freaking good.

And when she has multiple full-body orgasms in a row, she is FLOODED with these natural chemicals.


A brain chemical that brings women comfort and contentment while reducing stress and increasing optimism.


Affects brain processes that control emotional response, and ability to experience pleasure. It is also considered an “orgasm accelerator” making multiple orgasms easier.


Often called the “hormone of love” and the “cuddle hormone,” The release of these brain chemicals during orgasm heightens feelings of passion, bonding and trust.


This is the happy hormone! They have a similar chemical structure to morphine. Endorphins induce a feeling of general well-being, and can even act as analgesics (the body produces them to counter extreme stress and pain).

The brain chemical fix is hard to shake, because these are not only addictive but they make women happy, energized, feeling strong and alive.

These brain chemicals are why I say women can NOT be both orgasmic and neurotic at the same time!

And why I warn you that when you use Renegade Hypnotist methods with a woman, you must choose carefully because they can become addicted to YOU!

She won’t give a crap about guys.

However she will spend her days thinking about how to make you the happiest man in the known universe, because she won’t want to lose you.

This isn’t game… It’s science!

Join my lifestyle.

Go Renegade!

— Mark

P.S. For more on the science, get this book:
The Science of Orgasm by Komisaruk, Beyer and Whipple John’s Hopkins Press


Mark Cunningham – Beyond Seduction

In part 5 of this six-part interview series Mark covers topics such as

  • Where the seduction community needs to go in the future
  • Why seduction cannot be an end in and of itself
  • How guys drive away quality women without even realizing it.
  • Why you need to take responsibility if you want to get better with women

You can either listen using the player or read the transcript below.

Mark Cunningham interview Part 5 of 6

Frank Kermit: You’re listening to Frank Talks Pleasure and Lifestyles, and I’m Frank because I have to be. In studio today with Mark Cunningham. How are you there, Mark?

Mark Cunningham: I’m good. I’m enjoying this.

Frank Kermit: Oh, me too. This is one of the first seduction-related interviews you’ve done in a long, long time, I believe.

Mark Cunningham: Yes, that’s absolutely correct. When I stepped away from doing the seduction seminars, people assumed I just kind of disappeared into the mainstream hypnosis world.

Frank Kermit: Well, I have a question for you about the seduction community.

Mark Cunningham: Sure.

Frank Kermit: This is something that I discussed with a lot of other seduction instructors and gurus. Where do you think the future of this community is going to go?

Mark Cunningham: Well, I can render an opinion on where I would like to go, which is I would like to see it broaden its focus. In other words, the seduction cannot be an end in and of itself. It’s like taking a tiny little slice of life that’s not all that difficult and blowing it up into this enormous perceived problem and associated solutions.

I would much rather see these people who do have something going broadening their take out to teach more about what it means to be a man in a modern world, and specifically, once you have honed your seduction skills and you’ve developed yourself to the point where you no longer are worried about this, it’s reflexive.

Well, what then do you do in terms of finding women that you genuinely enjoy and building them into your life? What is that like? How do you treat these women on an ongoing basis? What kind of opportunities for pleasures and resources do you have, and what happens next?

Frank Kermit: You know, I really like this line of thinking that you’re embarking on. I’ve seen this community completely expand on the topic of pickup. It’s all about the pickup. It’s all about your next conquest, and one fundamental thing that’s missing, even amongst some of the instructors and gurus out there, is the lack of relationship management skills, and it amazes me that more people haven’t learned to delve into maintaining relationships because a lot of these well known gurus are able to collect a lot of numbers, collect a lot of lays. They can collect a lot of women in their life, but they can’t keep the women around.

Mark Cunningham: I’m glad you said that, Frank.

Frank Kermit: Well, I’m not mentioning names because I’m not stupid.

Mark Cunningham: Yeah.

Frank Kermit: But I mean, that is the case. One of the areas that I focus on in my own work really is about relationship management. I mean, that is the whole point that we are here is to have relationships with women.

Mark Cunningham: Right.

Frank Kermit: I think that the majority of guys who study seduction get into it because either they want that one girl that got away, or they just want to get themselves a girlfriend, or they want to get married. They don’t want to be alone. Some of them even want to have families.

I’m part of that category, and learning seduction and pickup is a wonderful step in that process. You need to at least master some of the beginnings of how to initiate a relationship. But how to maintain a relationship is a whole other skill set that I think is just not getting its due attention.

Mark Cunningham: Well, to be fair, Frank, when a guy is at the point where he can’t imagine walking up and talking to a woman he actually desires, the idea of, “How do I move through the world, accepting as a matter of course, that highly desirable women will be willing to walk through fire just to make me happy because that’s the best how they want to relate to me,” I mean, that’s total science fiction for these guys.

Yeah, it would help if the role leaders and models in the seduction universe would address themselves to the broader problems. Well, as they say, how do you become fully human? How do you move through the world as a man?

Frank Kermit: You know what, I fully agree and one of the things, and I’ll say it again about it, you actually really like women. You come from a place of genuine love for women, which I think is missing in a number of the seduction gurus out there who really have an incredible amount of hatred and frustration with women.

Mark Cunningham: That’s true, and there is a very little trick I use to play on guys on seduction seminars. When they were talking about these highly intrusive, overt techniques they are going to use to manipulate women, I would begin to use those techniques on the guys in the seminars and inevitably it just cause an uproar in the seminar while it is still going on, “Why are treating me like this? Why are you trying to manipulate me? Why are you holding me down? Why are you slamming me?” And I would explain what they were doing and they would just absolutely dumbfounded, and I said, “Well, isn’t it okay that I do these things to you?” And they are going, “Well, no. Why would you treat me like this?” And I’m saying, “Well, why would you treat a woman like that? How do you expect she’s going to respond to you?”

So many of the intrusive, heavy handed techniques are actually a form of screening. You drive away the quality women and the only ones who respond are the ones who are weak and damaged and are willing to put up with that kind of crap.

Frank Kermit: Amen to that. When I run into… and this is some advice I’m going to ask from you directly here. When I run into a guy who is just got an incredible amount of hatred for women, I can understand it. I can understand where he’s coming from. My autobiography from Loser to Seducer, when I had hit rock bottom, I certainly didn’t have a lot of love in my heart for women at that time.

Mark Cunningham: Right.

Frank Kermit: I can understand it. I can relate to it. It is a frustration that completely takes over. At this point, what I tell a guy is, “Yeah, you are frustrated, but that’s just because it’s your own fault. You have to take responsibility for it, and you’ve got to remember that in the end, if when you want is a relationship, any relationship built on hate is not going to be relationship worth having in the long run.

End Of Part 5

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Mark Cunningham Interview Part 6 – Being A Renegade Hypnotist Means Giving Up Being Normal




Being A Renegade Hypnotist Means Giving Up Being Normal

In part 6 of this six-part interview series Mark covers topics such as

  • How negative thoughts & emotions can control your life
  • Being a Renegade Hypnotist means giving up being ‘normal’
  • Doing a lot more controversial work
  • Becoming a completely different person in a matter of a couple of hours.

You can either listen using the player or read the transcript below.

Mark Cunningham interview Part 6 of 6

Frank Kermit: I’d like to know what else would you say to a guy in that position?

Mark Cunningham: They need to purge themselves of the negative emotion. Okay, what happened, the event that led to them feeling that way almost certainly was not as bad as they think it was, but they had a horrible emotional reaction to it, and that’s what they are currently carrying around, and frankly, they are the last person on earth who is still upset about it.

So until they learn to let go of that negative emotion, let go of the hold that negative emotion has over their life, they cannot see around this. They can’t see new avenues that lead to pleasure or opportunity or fulfillment or success. They have to get rid of that crap and then they need to go out and start building up a track record of success in all parts of their life.

A lot of times guys could really get over a lot of this crap if they would just go out and do some physical exercise. Get out in the air. Yeah, exercise your body. I’m not talking about go to the gym. I’m saying go for walks, go running, go ride a bike. Go out and talk to people and just deliberately do not do the things that you’re so upset about and get a sense of perspective back in your life.

Frank Kermit: Well, I want to talk about the pleasure in your life, Mark. When you do the work you do, it may help guys make changes, help guys achieve new levels of experience, what pleasure does that give you?

Mark Cunningham: It’s phenomenal. We have a set of, we call them testimonial books, and guys write us testimonial letters about what they did, what they learned from me, the impact it had on their lives, and whenever I’m having kind of a down moment, one of the girls will bring in a testimonial book and just drop them on my desk and say, “Read this until you feel better.” I just start flipping through these things and finding out all the incredible positive impact I’ve had on people’s lives and I realized, “Oh, my God, I’ve got to keep doing this.”

At this point, I’m not doing it for the money. I can make a lot more money doing something else, but every day I’ve got people telling me that I’ve changed their life for the better forever. There is no other field where you get that kind of immediate positive feedback.

Frank Kermit: To do this life doing what you do, what would you say are some of the sacrifices you had to make in order to continue being Mark Cunningham, Renegade Hypnotist?

Mark Cunningham: I had to give up being normal. Okay, there are a lot of people who look down on the fact that I worked with men on issues like seduction or lifestyle. I’ve done a lot of work in the ultimate sexuality community and I’ve been taking an awful lot of crap for that. Even with being the hypnotist, it puts me so far outside the mainstream. In fact, if I was a psychologist doing the same work, I’d be easily understood. There would be a box that people could put me in and everything will be fine. It’s not an easy lifestyle when you consciously make the decision to never be normal again.

Frank Kermit: One last question here, Mark, before we have to sign off.

Mark Cunningham: Sure.

Frank Kermit: Where do you see yourself ten and fifteen years from now?

Mark Cunningham: Actually, I’d like to be doing a lot more controversial work, to tell you the truth. At that point, I’ll be wrapped up with my mainstream career. All my teaching materials will be canned and out there and I’ll be free to go ahead and teach some of the things that I know how to do, that are just so amazing so radically transforming that they are highly controversial now. I can’t imagine they are going to be any more acceptable in ten years.

Frank Kermit: What are we talking about here?

Mark Cunningham: Being able to totally transform your personality within a couple of hours, for example. And by totally transforming your personality, I mean become a whole another person.

Frank Kermit: Now, are we talking here stage hypnosis? Are we talking here legitimately?

Mark Cunningham: Legitimately. Then my research, I’ve done enough of research projects and I have discovered some ways of manipulating, well, I’m going to teaching people next month in my class on regression and memory, but there are things you can do by manipulating an individual’s sense of time and memory so that they literally become a completely separate person in a matter of a couple of hours.

Frank Kermit: Some…

Mark Cunningham: Okay, it’s highly controversial in the therapy field, and we start talking about doing this in terms of recreational conditioning. Yeah, yeah, people get them. Some people get wildly upset about it. Other people are like, “Oh my God, just tell me how to do this.”

Frank Kermit: Well, I mean, I’m listening to this now and I’m thinking, well, on the pro side, you have the ability to help people who have gone through such traumatic experiences that by almost eliminating the memories or becoming a whole new person, who’s either better able to deal with the trauma or becoming a person who’s never had to deal with that trauma directly because you’ve played around with the memory, I can see that as a positive thing.

Mark Cunningham: Right.

Frank Kermit: But also it comes into the whole “do we play god here.”

Mark Cunningham: Yeah. Oh yeah, and in the wrong hands do you have people out there creating their own little love zombies.

Frank Kermit: And you know this is a very interesting question. We are going to try to stretch this a little bit just to see if we can get in this last one question here. Is it better for people…

Mark Cunningham: You should have brought it up sooner.

Frank Kermit: Yeah. Is it better for people to know all the truth and the tactics out there, or do you think that it should only be in the hands of a select few who will wield it with responsibility?

Mark Cunningham: Well, I got beaten pretty badly this past weekend where I was in a meeting of hypnotists and they were saying that I had an obligation to let this stuff loose on the world. Right now I don’t agree with that because I know from my experience with the seduction community, just teaching guys how to use elementary hypnotic technique in conversation, guys are going out there and doing things which I would never condone, never accept, and I wish I hadn’t taught them how to do it.

Now, if I give them actual, high impact, irreversible hypnotic technique, I’m not so sure they are going to go out and do sane and beneficial things.

Frank Kermit: Mark, this was a fantastic show. Thank you so much for your willingness to come out and talk to us here on Frank Talks about your life in the seduction community and your life as a hypnotist helping people.

Mark Cunningham: You bet, Frank. I had a good time.

Frank Kermit: We definitely invite you to come back to do another Frank Talks with us.

Mark Cunningham: Sure, just give me a call.

Frank Kermit: I will. You’re listening to Frank Talks Pleasures and Lifestyles. Good night, everybody.


End Of Part 6

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Become The Man Women Find Naturally Seductive

In part 4 of this six-part interview series Mark covers topics such as

  • Changing yourself is more attractive to women
  • Why Bringing your old self to new scenarios doesn’t work
  • Why you need new belief systems that will work for you
  • Rehearsing change in trance work
  • In order to make big changes, your life must be stable

You can either listen using the player or read the transcript below.

Mark Cunningham interview Part 4 of 6

Frank Kermit: You’re listening to Frank Talks Pleasures and Lifestyles, and I’m Frank because I have to be. In studio today with Mark Cunningham. How are you doing there, Mark?

Mark Cunningham: I’m doing pretty well.

Frank Kermit: All right, in the last interview segment, we were talking about some of the work that you do with your transformation work. Rather than be a seduction instructor who’s trying to create clones of themselves, you’re actually helping the men involved change or unchange certain parts of themselves to become more attractive men overall.

Mark Cunningham: That’s right.

Frank Kermit: Can you tell me a little bit about your transformation work and some of the products that you have?

Mark Cunningham: Okay, yeah. My interest to seduction community is something. I developed this approach when I was working with one of the greats in the seduction community, Ross Jeffries, and he and Russell was kind enough to invite me out to appear on his seminars for over about a 6 or 6-1/2 year span. We got a lot of fun working together.

Our approaches are different, which probably why we had so much fun working together, and I learned from talking to thousands and thousands of these seminar attendees that their struggle was not so much with understanding technique, memorizing lines, figuring out approaches, learning where to go, what to wear and things like that.

But rather they were continually struggling with the problem. They kept bringing their old self into new scenarios and expecting that just by mouthing words or using some kind of techniques that they were going to get good results, and of course, that’s not what occurs.

So I did go off and I developed my own seduction seminar, which I only gave a couple of times because my whole philosophy is give it straight, deliver it and give it on tape and then go off and do something more extreme with my life.

So we did this class called Beyond Seduction, which was the distilled essence of my techniques. It’s a conditioning seminar on how do you change yourself to become the kind of guy that women find naturally seductive. Because I have the lazy man’s approach to seduction. I think I ought to be able to walk into kind of setting, look around and not only be attractive to a broad cross section of women, but to be able to spot the ones that were attracted to me and be able to concentrate on them and kind of pick the low hanging fruit.

We do have a separate track, of course, which is my mainstream hypnosis track where we have classes like the introduction of Marknosis class. It’s a set of conditioning exercises that you can do every day to ensure that you go ahead and you clear out your emotional deadwood, you remove the trauma or limitation of your self-sabotage that came out of your past.

You get focused on what you actually want to do with the belief systems that will work for you, and we show you how that you can go through a process where you ensure that you stay on course every day, and I like it with the goals that you can dream up now, but turning into the kind of person that has an ever increasing, ever improving set of goals.

Frank Kermit: Of all the products that you have, if somebody wanted to start today and say, “Mark, I don’t know where I should start, between your products and all the other products out there, what would you recommend as a great starting place?”

Mark Cunningham: Well, people look at all the products I have available and go, “Oh my God, how am I suppose to pick something even with your own product line?”

We have this thing called Hypnotic Awakenings, which is a relatively brief CD set. I think it’s three CDs, and what it does is it’s a presentation on how to identify the imprint that you got, through no faults of your own. All the well meaning people who gave you advice or direction along your life ended up filling your head with full of crap. I’ll show you how to identify all these imprints, how to break those imprints so that you can, not only free yourself from that self-sabotage, but also take all the energy that’s freed up and start to apply it through a six-step process where you can go ahead and get your life stable, in order.

Because frankly, Frank, no one makes serious change in their life until you had a relatively stable moment.

I mean, I get these heart rending calls where people say, “Oh, my God, I’m down to like my last $10 and I’m living out of my car with one package of ramen and noodles. You know, what can you tell me to help me?” And I tell them, “You know, find a place to live. Get a job. Get your life relatively stable so you can start doing serious work on yourself.”

The work you do on your favor will pay off every day for the rest of your life, and so I steer people towards these entry level conditioning exercises so you get stable, you get wide awake and you figure out what it is you’re going to want to do and then you go out and get it.

Frank Kermit: So before somebody should be studying hypnosis or self-improvement, they should be taking care of their basic needs. Is that what I’m getting here?

Mark Cunningham: Pretty much, and one of the basic needs you have is to identify the things that are holding you back, identify the people, the situations that are holding you back and learn how to overcome those, get rid of yourself limiting belief and then out of all the things that you can imagine, and one of the exercises that I teach is how to knowing you’re bullshitting yourself about your goals. In a very simple, verifiable technique where you’re just fantasizing or when you’re thinking about something that your subconscious will actually help you get.

Frank Kermit: Now, let’s go to the idea of bettering yourself through hypnosis, and I’m going to be asking this as a novice here, are we talking about self-inductions, putting yourself into trance? Does a change will actually happen while in trance? Is it an instantaneous change that occurs? What’s the best method to use hypnosis for change?

Mark Cunningham: Yeah, it’s definitely involve trance work. All trance means is a state of unnatural fascination, and so you make the things that you are thinking about so compelling and so clean that is you don’t build in distractions. You don’t build in a supplementation. You just build a very powerful and resource rich experience and then you allow yourself to have that experience. That’s what we call trance work, and by rehearsing change in trance work, well, two things occur. One is you bypass all your previous self-limitation, but the second thing is you can experiment in an error-free environment, so you can go ahead and try out alternate paths.

Let the movie run and find out just how it comes out, this way, that way, how do you feel about that? And while you do that, two things, change is as difficult as you want to make it. If you believe change, it takes a long time and it’s extraordinary difficult, well, that is the hypnosis that you’re working on yourself, and by golly, that’s exactly how the change will occur. If you believe that you can walk away from your past as easily as you might put down a suitcase and walk away from that, well, then you can experience a very powerful, very profound change and happening in an instant.

Frank Kermit: One last question before we go to our next commercial break, Mark. Is there anything that hypnosis cannot solve or actually fix?

Mark Cunningham: Organic physical problems, like there is a client out in California who was one of the last polio patients and he wanted me to help him become a championship runner. I can’t do that. And hypnosis probably should not be used on diagnosable mental illness, both for practicality’s sake and because of the legal challenges.

Frank Kermit: Thank you, Mark. We are going to be going to commercial. When we come back, more with Mark Cunningham here on Frank Talks Pleasures and Lifestyles.

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End Of Part 4

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