The Renegade Bangkok Seminars 2019
Two Advanced Seminars On 'Forbidden' And Rarely Taught Topics!


REVEALED: The Secret Strategies Governments, Religious Cults, And Con-Artists Use To Control People... and how to INSTANTLY recognize them and prevent them from working on YOU!

Dear Renegade,

If you’ve ever taken one of my classes, you’ve probably wondered if you can use hypnosis to control other people. Fact is, almost every seminar I get a question like this one…

“Can you use hypnosis to make someone
do something against their will?

If you’ve been in my intro-seminars you’ve heard me say no. You can’t make someone do something against their will.

But here’s a dirty little secret… I tell beginners you can’t MAKE someone do something against their will. What I don’t tell you is once you really understand hypnotic conditioning you can make someone WANT to do ANYTHING!! 

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for influence

I encourage all my students to exert hypnotic influence on everyone you meet.

There are many reasons and benefits to doing this, the biggest one is you become a highly effective hypnotist.

So… does this mean you controlling their mind???

In a nutshell… Yes.

Fact is, once you begin to exert raw hypnotic influence on other people…

You begin to notice all the ways people, mass-media, government,
and corporations and trying to control YOU! 

As I write this, it seems like the entire Western world is caught in a giant lab experiment on how to drive normal people insane.

We are bombarded daily with thought-bombs regarding politics, religions, economic systems, sex/gender conflicts, consumerism… and it's no secret what is going on.

We are living in dangerous times when the perceived stakes of conflict are so great that the ruthless, relentless work of influence professionals is all out in the open. The prize? They want your Mind -- and by extension, your life!

Who's vulnerable to mind-control?

I’ve got bad news for you... mind control works on everyone including YOU. (And yes it also works on me.)

Remember when I said "If you're human and you've got a pulse" hypnosis will work on you? It’s the same for mind control.

Mind control works because of how we're wired.

Want to see powerful examples of mind control at work in everyday life? Go watch an evangelist preacher at work. These days you can see them on TV or stream it online.

They are masterful in their use Hypnotic Operators, and it’s done in plain view… But ONLY if you know what to look for!!

Watch a documentary about VooDoo. People believe it so strongly that when they believe a curse was put on them… they will literally THINK THEMSELVES TO DEATH.

There is only one way to defend yourself against these evil bastards..

Educate yourself to protect yourself!

Shortly after I started studying hypnosis, I realized just how much it was being used in the world to influence people!

I began studying mind control to protect myself.

And I did it the same way I attack any topic… First I strip out the myth, dogma, and other BS. I look for the hypnotic operators and the specific techniques that are both effective and repeatable.

Then I test to find out… what are the effects? does it last? How fast can it be done?

In short… what really works!

I’ve got 20 years of Mind Control research
I’ve never revealed to anyone… until now!

So you might be wondering why I would teach this to anyone.

It’s a good question.

And if you’ve ever studied a brutally effective martial art — one based in the reality that there are people out there who will kill you for no reason and never think twice about it — then you know this important truth…

If you want to learn to defend yourself against a knife attack...
first you need to learn how to use the damn knife!

The only way you can truly defend yourself against the Dark Arts Of Mind Control is to learn how it’s done.

Here’s the problem… The topic of mind control is elaborate, multifaceted, and multi layered. And for the average person it can quickly become overwhelming.

The good news is… As a hypnotist is you already have a huge advantage! You have the understand how it functions and take steps to reduce your vulnerability.

The Most Dangerous Skills And Strategies I Have Ever Revealed

Though I have taught some edgy and very taboo topics in the past, everything I taught was designed to create positive outcomes for the subject.

Mind control is different because even if the person using them believes they are doing a good thing, taking away free will and freedom of choice from people is never a positive outcome.

But in order for you to recognize when mind control is being directed at you personally, you must first understand how mind control techniques work.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in this eye-opening seminar…

  • The two main kinds of Mind Control technologies and how to recognize them.
  • The subtle (and not so subtle) difference between Mind Control and Brainwashing
  • Why Mind Control is more dangerous, more insidious, and harder to defend against.
  • How it’s possible for cult members to believe they make their own decisions and have freewill… when their every move is controlled by the cult leader.
  • The super sneaky way evil Mind Controllers manipulate you to do what they want and believe it’s YOUR IDEA!
  • How to instantly recognize the different ‘types’ of Mind Controller and the subtle Mind-Tricks they use to manipulate you.
  • The #1 weakness you unconsciously broadcast that attracts a mind-controller. (It’s like wearing a sign that says ‘victim’)
  • A belief your well meaning mother put in your head that makes you vulnerable to mind-controllers.
  • The 3 critical differences between a cult and a following.
  • 2 key indicators you are in a relationship with a mind-controller (sadly most people ignore)
  • Why cults are thriving now more than ever!
  • Discover the psychological techniques used in destructive cults and sects for hundreds of years.
  • Different types of mind control, including brainwashing, thought reform, psychological persuasion, coercive persuasion, thought control, mental control.
  • The core hypnotic operators used in mind control techniques
  • How Big Tech and their de-platforming of all who use certain words, phrases, and ideas not in the latest edition of their “approved” dictionary, have radically changed the way that people communicate in a short period of time.
  • Common tactics used by cult leaders
  • Everyday emotional states where you are most vulnerable (Cults look for these)
  • Why people are not aware of the mind control process, nor of the changes occurring within themselves. (even when you point it out to them!)
  • How control can be maintained more effectively through entertainment, distraction, and superficial pleasure. (Hint: Smartphones & Facebook)
  • How censorship and language are used to control people every day! (And not just in China)
  • How language is changed through banning certain words and the expression of certain ideas or observations deemed “thought crimes!” (China now has a ‘Social Score’, and will ban you from traveling if yours goes too low)
  • Religion or Religious cult? A simple test to help you instantly tell the difference.
  • An advantage poor people have that helps keep them out of cults.
  • Are you middle class and educated? You are the #1 target for mind control.

The Dark Side Of Marketing --
Hard-Wired Psychological Triggers Sleazy Salesman Use To Make Millions...

Even When You Don't Want To Buy!

My Renegade marketing expert, Craig Eubanks, will reveal the ways unethical marketers and snake-oil salesman use to get unsuspecting people to spend money… even when they don’t really want to buy!

In this special module you’ll discover all the psychological triggers sleazy salesman use to manipulate people, and how the truly devious characters slide their message into your “otherthan-conscious” mind to melt away any resistance.

Here’s a sample of radical psychological triggers you’ll discover:

  • How they rapidly zero in on the exact mental ‘hot buttons’… and press them to get instant sales!
  • The sneaky system that starts out small and snowball to enthusiastic commitments from prospects. (Also used with ruthless effectiveness by Scientologists!)
  • Hypnotic ways to lower ‘sales defenses’ by being subtle and “slipping in through the back door”
  • How to deal with pesky refund problems caused by Buyer’s Remorse by eliminating it from the mind BEFORE it happens
  • Seemingly natural ways to tap into hard-wired human nature and implant rock-solid LOGICAL reasons which reinforce the emotional decisions to buy.
  • And much much more!

Everything you need to defend yourself against any sleazeball salesman or malicious marketers who tries to use mind control to make you empty your wallet.


Come to Bangkok where I will present a broad overview of mind control and how it works. And teach you the Defense Against these Dark Arts.

Together we will all dive into specific examples drawn from real life to deconstruct the methods employed against us, and show the underlying hypnotic operators that make them so terribly effective.

I’ll show you how to take this information and map out how you can recognize each evil mind control attempt in time to stop it DEAD in it’s tracks.

And of course, we will drill on techniques and practices required to harden our defenses and set ourselves free!

And for the megalomaniacs amongst us, I’ll also explain how you can turn the tables and USE these mind control technology to get what you want, when we want it in every area of our lives. This goes WAY beyond any class on Influence and Persuasion I’ve ever taught!

This is going to be a horrifying, fascinating and inspirational week. Buckle up, bumpy road ahead!

SEMINAR #2 - Advanced Topics In Hypnosis and Lifestyle

3 Special One-Time Bangkok Topics
ONLY For Experienced Hypnotists

The Master's Class
Performance Hypnosis in Bangkok -
A Structured Approach To Hypnotic Mastery

This is the Big Enchilada -- probably the single best 3-day training available anywhere today for blowing out each and every barrier to Performance you've ever had! Learn Hypnosis side-byside with other experts and professionals. Master Control Of Self, Utilization Of Environment and Control Over Others amidst the awesome splendor of Bangkok.

This is one of my most requested seminars, and also one of the rarest I offer. This is only the 4th time since 1999, that it’s been offered.

This class is all about performance – exerting the raw power of hypnotic influence and control in public, without hesitation or apology. And, the ever-present possibility of getting paid for it!

And with effective performance comes confidence and poise -- It’s a Good Thing! Whether you want to perform onstage for money, or simply desire becoming far more powerful in your Clark Kent existence, this class kicks your butt right into your bright and compelling future!

This class goes instead into the realm of state control, sensing the thoughts and feelings of your subjects, hypnotic triggers, conditioning and compliance, control over physiology, and the nature of energy manipulation. Whew! After three days of demonstrations, exercises and conditioning inductions you’ll walk away having learned powerful techniques of non-verbal influence and control, ready to work your will on the world!

Imagine being able to manifest any "hypnotic" phenomena on demand!

This class is an advanced experience in the power and scope of hypnotic conditioning. Clinicians will take away the tools you need to build powerful new realities for others. While serious students and hypnotic Renegades may have the single best week of their lives, learning how it feels to let what's Inside Outside.

This is the best approach I know to getting you OFF YOUR BUTTS and INTO THE GAME of life! You’ll experience three days of hands-on demonstration and exercises, but here’s the thing… members of the class will do the demonstrations… Not me! oh hell, just show up and get the experience!

I teach this class not to produce professionals, but to produce men and women who really ARE hypnotists. Or to be more correct… men and women who ARE HYPNOTIC.

How To Make at least $5500 Per Month From Anywhere On The Planet - The Renegade Lifestyle Business Course

Make money while you travel! Learn how to build low-cost, automated, location-independent streams of income that work for you 24/7 even if you travel to the most remote regions of the Earth!

People have for years asked me “how the hell are you able to travel so much?!?” My answer… be in control of your money and your time!

Now I’m going to show you how it’s done. Or to be more correct, Craig Eubanks is going to show you.

Craig will be returning for what I consider to be the best single presentation on marketing in the world today. Craig is an acknowledged master of modern marketing.

In 2016 Craig did a presentation on how to create location-independent streams of income as part of the Bangkok Renegade Lifestyle seminar.

In his presentation you will learn a step-by-step program of how to market ANYTHING online, Using techniques top online businesses are using today! The last time Craig presented this in Bangkok, people went home and immediately began to make serious money.

Since then we’ve gotten so many requests for him to do it again, I’ve lost count. And He’s UPDATED all the tools, tips, and techniques with what’s currently working best online.

So if you want to know how it’s done… get your butt to Bangkok!

Let’s get you making a solid income from your very own Renegade Style business that’s totally location-independent.

Imagine making good money from anywhere in the world… More than enough money so you can travel in comfort and style. (No dorm-rooms at hostels, I’m talking 4-star and up baby!)

You can live wherever you want, travel wherever and whenever you want because you there’s no asshole boss to say you can’t go.

Plus you will make more than enough money to support your lifestyle. No employees. No office rent. No Inventory.

A laptop is all you need. (These days I only travel with an iPad)

Even better, this kind of business won’t take long hours to build or maintain. You can easily create and maintain a solid, location-independent income starting with only 30 minutes a day.

This is how the Renegade Lifestyle business is different from just about any other type of business… It allows you to:

  • Make at least $70,000 per year or more. (Unless you live in San Francisco, London, or Hong Kong $70k supports a VERY comfortable lifestyle!)
  • Work only 15 to 30 hours per week to maintain your income and keep your business growing.
  • Location FREE! Spend time any place in the world — live where you want, travel when you want, for as long as you want!
  • Get started fast! If you can use Facebook, you can learn the skills to create online income.
    (Best part… No inventory. No office rent. No employees!)
  • See cash deposited into your bank every week from multiple, diverse income streams. (Having more than one makes your income very secure and nearly recession-proof!)
  • Get started for very little money. (I won’t lie to you and say zero costs, but you can do it with very little money up front.)

Getting Started From Scratch

Craig has taught thousands of people from all over the world how to get started online. Hell he’s successfully taught hypnotists how to make more money, and you know what a tough crowd there are!

Like I do in my intro classes, he assumes you know nothing but have a desire to learn. And he’ll have exercises along the way so you walk out with a plan in hand.

You’ll discover how to determine exactly what to sell and to whom, even if you have no idea where to start.

How to sell physical products (no inventory required), info-products (my favorite), or services that don’t require a brick-and-mortar location (like consulting).

You’ll also discover how to price your product, service, or information for maximum sales and profitability.

You’ll get a list with 25 different examples of types of things to sell, in the product, service, and information categories to prime your pump. Simply pick your favorite.

Most important… you’ll get a resource directory of tools, including the exact same tools I use for This alone will save you hours of wasted time and money.

What You Will Learn

Basic Principles of Marketing

This is the most valuable lesson and can be applied to any business. Most people’s marketing sucks. Discover only what works from time-tested money making principles of Marketing

Even if you don’t want to make money while you travel, these principles apply no matter what business you are in or want to start.

How To Make Money Online

There are a variety of ways to make money online today. These include affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, e-commerce stores, and even offering to sell other people’s junk on Ebay. Plus my favorite… info-products!

Discover what they are, which ones make the most money, and decide which one appeals most to you. The good news is you can use more than one method.

Where To Look For Product/Service Ideas

In Marketing Lingo this is known as Market Discovery. Simply put… It’s how you can find potential niche market ideas you can offer people.

Craig will show you how using freely available online tools, you can come up with more ideas than you will have time to implement.

He’ll also show you the 3 Mega-Niches that humans have paid money for since we started walking upright.

Then comes the most important part…

How To Do Market Research

This module will save your ass thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours of your time, and keep you stress-free.

Craig likes to call this the Marketing Detective Method. He’ll show you how to determine if a market or niche or product is worth your time before you spend any money!

Simply put… Do your homework and your success rates will skyrocket.

In reality most people ignore this part, but as Jeff Paul, a very wealthy Internet Marketer once said… “Every time I deviate from this formula I lose my ass!”

How To ‘Test’ Your Market

Even when you’ve done your market research, it’s best not to dive in headfirst. Instead you should test the market. Make sure they want what you have. Make sure they have money and are willing to spend it.

Testing is Optional... But a damn good idea! Because an hour of testing saves ten based on guessing.

The key point here is Interact with real humans in your market. As a hypnotist you already know why this is critical to your success.

How To Find People Ready To Buy

The Internet has made it easier than ever to find people who are hot to buy what you offer. In this module you’ll discover how to find them and turn them into buyers.

In the Internet Marketing world this is known as ‘Traffic’.

You’ll learn how to get free traffic (requires only your time) or ways you can purchase traffic and be running ads in any country… any language… almost instantly.

How To Maximize Profits

This is a fancy way to say how to get the most money from your customers. You’ll discover how to lead your prospects from knowing zero about you happy customer.

There are basically only 3 ways to make more money in a business. Using Customer Value Optimization you’ll maximize all three.

The #1 Secret Of Internet Marketing Millionaires

Actually, this has been the secret of trillions of dollars in sales going back way before the Internet was ever conceived.

Facebook? Nope.

Twitter?? Nah… Not even close.

SMS, WhatsApp, Selfies on Instagram??? Oh hell no!!

The people who make the really big bucks online follow the same time-tested technique of Direct Response Marketing that go back to 1924. Everything else is just a distraction.

You will learn what this secret is, how to do it for yourself, and how by using this in my business it’s been worth over $5 million dollars.

So… if you have ever had the dream of having multiple income streams, you need to experience this presentation…

If you crave having geographically independent income, you need to experience this presentation…

And if you have ever aspired to follow us around the world, living like Kings and having a life of limitless pleasure, you need to experience this presentation!


Red Pill Therapy
How To Eliminate The Dangerous Imprinting
Caused By Decades Of Relentless Social Condition

For one day, Mark will open the vaults of the Forbidden Archives and show you something that, frankly, we don’t want to talk about openly.

One of the fundamental challenges facing a therapist is to find common ground with their client, and then to guide them into a better understanding of how to cope and thrive in a consensual reality world.

Red Pill Therapy is identifying the beliefs, perceptual filters and unexamined actions that make up the Mind of the well-conditioned citizen. It is about modifying and/or deleting unwanted social conditioning.

And it is about powerfully imprinting the ability to be always in a position of choice — to finally be in the World while not of it.

Provocative and inspiring, Red Pill Therapy is much more than turning boys into men. Red Pill Therapy is the key to guiding your clients out of societal traps and into personal freedom.

Best part… No matter how different their belief system is, you can build a deep rapport and get permanent powerful positive change.

This is the ultimate in “judgement free change-work!”

My No-Hassle 100% Satisfaction
Money Back Guarantee

People have traveled from all parts of the planet to be at my events, so I’m fully confident you’ll be thrilled you decided to attend.

But if for some reason at the end of the first day of the seminar you aren’t 100% satisfied, just let me know. If I can’t resolve the issue, I’ll refund your registration fee in full.

No hassles, no hoops to jump through. If you aren’t fully satisfied, you’ll get your money back and we part friends.


Bangkok Seminars are NEVER RECORDED and rarely repeated.

So if you want know... You've got to go!


$2,497 One-Time Payment



  • 5 Full Days of Training in Bangkok Thailand
  • Daily Lunch For All Attendees
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

or 2 Monthly Payments of $1249


$2,497 One-Time Payment



  • 5 Full Days of Training in Bangkok Thailand
  • Daily Lunch For All Attendees
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

or 2 Monthly Payments of $1249


Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Comments About Previous Bangkok Seminars

“Entirely New Perspectives On Hypnosis Skills”

Excellent seminar - it was chock full o' quality, excellent presentation, quality material, good students, and much fun...

I feel like I got real world skills and entirely new perspectives on hypnosis skills, and I can't wait to try more of this stuff out!


“No Holds Barred”

An excellent open-minded, no holds barred, straight to the point hypnosis seminar.

Malcolm Slyper

“I Have Become Much More Influential”

I went a few days early to get my internal clock adjusted, and get comfortable with Bangkok.

I'll leave out much of my Bangkok adjusting experiences, but will say that nothing there matched what I already "knew" as my world.

Nothing matched any previous experiences I've had. Acceptable social customs didn't match, normal behavior was no longer normal behavior, and food did not appear to be food. By the first day of class. I was already wide open to new experiences.

The first day of class arrived and I had an odd sensation that I hadn't had in years. I was nervous... I hadn't been nervous in years... Much like you, I had no idea what I was about to experience. I wanted some external validation of what I should expect... I already knew that the whole experience was crafted to break people out of old, useless patterns and teach new skills from my adjusting to Bangkok experiences.

In a nutshell: What it means to be a hypnotist. Not just how to do hypnosis, not just cool techniques, not just hypnotic inductions & pattern, but how to BE A HYPNOTIST and everything that mastering your world involves.

When you are a hypnotist, the techniques and skills are easily and naturally learned as you've already internalized what being a hypnotist changes inside of you. If you could imagine what that kind of mastery feels like, would you want that for yourself?

Everyone was eager to learn more and show others what they knew (& how it works). I got a lot out of the interactions with others in the class, perhaps as much as the class itself.

You may find that you have the least hypnosis experience in the class, or not... It doesn't matter. The question is:

Do you want a major life perspective change? Be careful how you answer. You might just get it...

More importantly, I have become much more influential, and much more comfortable with my influence in my world.

Worth it? For me, Yes!

mike anderson

“No Bullshit”

This is where the rubber meets the road - no bullshit hypnosis.

Warwick Payne

“Fun And High Level Instruction”

I would certainly suggest that anyone interested in improving their skills take this course. The combination of fun and high level instruction is critical to the learning experience - and they certainly have this down pat!

Douglas Clark

“Best of the Best”

Only take this class if you want to learn from the best of the best!

David Shade


This was fantastic. Well organized, structured and informative. This has opened up several doors for me personally, and was well worth what it took me to get here.

David Bozek

“Best Bang For Your Baht”

The information is top notch. There are exercises that introduce you to and reincorporate the things that you learn as you go through the day. Then the next day things are ready when you need them to build into the next skill.

Practical stuff abounds as well as “just under the surface of practical” harmonics. It is the perspective that changes. The options were always there but I just hadn’t tuned into what I have begun to now notice.

The location has to be seen to be believed. Bangkok reoriented my way of seeing the world and the culture that is spreading into melding with these ancient places. There are so many gnarly trees all over in the temples of the city, some of them older than the temples built around them, surrounded by a modern FAST city.

Bangkok is the biggest and best bang for your baht. Enjoy good time, nice lady, see temple, get massage.

Jonathan D

“Do Whatever It Takes To Get To His Next Seminar”

If you want the short testimonial, I didn't go there to learn anything. I went there to change into the kind of person with the skills and abilities I wanted to have. Well guess what? If you want more details, read on.'

Mark joked about the "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" line from the Wizard of Oz. Well when I signed in January I began thinking about why he had chosen Bangkok. He could have chosen anywhere in the world but he chose Bangkok and he chose it for a reason.

Call me paranoid but I flat out didn't trust the man, why did he pick Bangkok? So for me the seminar started then, I had two months of suggestibility conditioning before I even turned up, and he did it from the comfort of Ohio. Now that's hypnotism!

I can say now that I got something foolproof, that is the skills to hypnotize anyone in the world whether they want me to or not. Understandably I feel that I got value for money, bang for buck.

I must add the country itself was just incredible, if you've never been, do yourself a favor and speak to someone who has, then believe them. It's now my number one holiday destination whereas before I had no inclination at all to go there. I'd say the best time of year to go would be... when there's a Marknosis seminar on.

The standard of training was just unbelievable, it showed me how much fun hypnosis is, and how flexible. I can't thank him enough for what I learned.

If you have never met Mark, do whatever it takes to get to his next seminar. You'll learn more than you know there is to learn.

Before the seminar I couldn't imagine the person I would be after the seminar, I mean I just couldn't imagine who I'd be and what I'd be doing. Now that I am here it is really cool to be a hypnotist. Thanks guys.

Thanks also to all who were there and shared the experience with me.

Scott S.

“Finest Training I Have Ever Been To”

I have attended a number of hypnosis trainings from other instructors. This was by far the finest training I have ever been to. This was because Mark really gave students both extensive knowledge and the confidence and time to put them into practice.

This course rekindled the fire within me to be a "master hypnotist". I can't thank you enough

Jonah McKee

“Excellent Seminar”

This was an excellent seminar. The exercises helped a lot in understanding the whole process.

Ed Salazar

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