This program shows you how to do my complete 7-Step Hypnotic Conditioning Process to transform your subject into a fully aware, fully alive, fully human individual! Designed for beginners, yet also enjoyed by experienced hypnotists.

The completely accessible version of my Renegade Rapid Change Technology combining Hypnosis, Influence, and the application of Mind/Self Control technologies with the goal of Becoming Fully Human.

How to give any woman endless waves of intoxicating full-body pleasure, using just a few simple hypnotic words.

For Men who want to be more confident, relaxed & masculine. Radically upgrade your life with my Human Enhancement Technology developed and refined from over 30,000+ hours of clinical hypnosis.

Discover how to eliminate the “princess conditioning” caused by 50 years of out of control feminism, political correctness, and wokeness! Discover what exactly it means to be masculine in this modern world.

You never know when the shit will hit the fan! Discover how to survive and THRIVE no matter how bat-shit crazy the world gets!

How to set a simple, foolproof, always works, very strong trigger for self-hypnosis...

And how to use it to change your life in powerful positive ways.