Female Orgasm Explained With Science [Video]

April 30, 2015 |

Female orgasm has been the subject of endless research, heated debates and more than a few myths.

This clever video explains female orgasm using science to separate fact from fiction.

Some key things to pay attention to as a Renegade Hypnotist…

  • The 3 chemicals that are released in a woman’s brain after orgasm and the effect they have.
  • 2 other chemicals that can lead to desire for sex over all other activities.
  • How many women reported having orgasms just from kissing or performing oral sex

In our advanced training program — The Renegade Project — you discover how to teach your woman to orgasm while giving you oral sex.

But guys have trouble believing this is possible.

So it’s nice to have science prove women do in fact have these kinds of orgasms.

You’ll also learn in this video the insane number of nerve endings on a woman’s clitoris.

In the Power of Erotic Hypnosis training program you discover how to use Renegade Hypnosis to manipulate sensations, which means you can light up every one of those nerves without every actually touching them.

And with a single word or phrase you can make clit explode with pleasure.

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