Even Feminists Want To Sleep With A Superhero

September 11, 2013 |

Even feminists fantasize about it.

Check it out, here’s an article written by a feminist who admits she’s secretly wanted to sleep with a superhero.

Feminist Or Not, Every Woman
Wants To Sleep With A Superhero


Most men are, especially at the thought a hardcore feminist would lust after the superhero archetype.

But they do.

But that’s because they don’t understand women like a Renegade Hypnotist.

As I covered in the webinar “What every guy needs to know about 50 shades of Grey”, the desire to be treated equally doesn’t mean they aren’t still women.

With natural female desires.

Even strong, smart, and successful women CEOs want a man who is masculine.

How do I know?

From listening to women in over 30,000 hours of clinical hypnosis sessions.

Their #1 complaint is guys not acting like men.

The ironic thing is modern women have caused this problem.

Our feminist friend in her article writes this…

“Men weren’t part of our daily lives–they remained on the periphery, as an extra-curricular, some distant, fuzzy destination. Playing fields were being leveled, gender was being neutralized.”

Their over-reaction to wanting fairness in the workplace was to neutralize your gender!

Being masculine became a bad thing.

This has been going on for 50+ years.

The result?

Women are unhappy and unsatisfied, and men are confused.