The Lazy Man’s Approach To Seduction – Part 2

September 3, 2013 |

DepositphotoI get bored easily.

Which is another reason why I created my Lazy Man’s Seduction Method.

The idea of saying the same pickup line over and over to women would be torture for me.

So today I’m going to cover the other essential element of my method.

But first, if you missed part 1, go read it now so this will all make sense.

The lazy man’s approach to seduction – part 1

Go on. I’ll wait.

Okay let’s go.

Secret Ingredient #2: Be the kind of man women naturally find attractive

Now before you moan and say “But Mark, I’m not Brad Pitt!“, take a look at one of the Renegade videos.

I’m about as far from Brad Pitt as it gets. Yet women respond VERY strongly to me.

Because I know the QUALITY women find irresistible.

How do I know?


After years of doing clinical hypnosis with women, there was one HUGE universal complaint.


Good. This is important.

Women want men to be men!

Doesn’t matter if they are feminist, enlightened, evolved or any of the other modern-thought movements.

They want masculine men.

They are sick and tired of these modern guys who can’t seem to find their balls.


Because it’s in their genetic coding.

They are STRONGLY attracted to masculinity.

Not just mentally either. Their bodies crave it.

It’s how they are programmed because it’s how our species survived for millennia.

So if you don’t want to work hard at seduction, if you don’t want to ‘chase’ women, use what has worked since cave man days.


Tap into your natural coding. Let out your masculinity.

Be decisive.

Take part in healthy competition. (Even if it’s just against yourself.)

Do adventurous things (world travel is a great for this)

Most important, stand up for yourself.

This is my current crusade.

Fact is, I’m so tired of hearing women complain about this I have created a special seminar on this topic.

I’ll be showing men how to tap into the natural masculinity you were born with.

I’ll be teaching men how to undo all the years of relentless cultural conditioning that keeps you from being the kind of primal man women desire.

Time to change the game, and wake the fuck up.

This will be a VERY different seminar than I have ever done.

instead of a how-to-do hypnosis event, this is a special training you will use on yourself!

And the reason I’m doing this in Bangkok, Thailand… No leash, no limits, no rules! No cultural or societal anchors of your ‘old’ self.

We are gonna burn the bridge on princess conditioning.

I’ll show you powerful ways to tap into your natural primal urges.