Upcoming Seminars...

We offer many live hands-on seminars and workshops each year. Done in the famous Marknosis style. In addition to trainings in the USA, we hold events in S.E. Asia and Europe and are looking at possible locations in Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia and possibly the Caribbean.

Below is a list of all upcoming seminars. Each with a brief description. Click on it for more details.

Renegade Bootcamp
April 27-29, 2018 in Orlando Florida
Recommended Level: Beginner (experienced hypnotists welcome)

Fast-track training for those who want to become a Renegade Hypnotist in the shortest possible time. Using my proven combination of humor laced lectures, step-by-step demonstrations, and do-the-drills / get-the-skills hands-on practice, I guarantee you will walk out the door confident in your ability to hypnotize any human.

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Bangkok Seminar
January 2019 in Bangkok Thailand
Recommended Level: Experienced

Full details will be available once the exact dates are locked in.