Upcoming Seminars...

We offer many live hands-on seminars and workshops each year. Done in the famous Marknosis style. In addition to trainings in the USA, we hold events in S.E. Asia and Europe and are looking at possible locations in Mexico, Costa Rica, Columbia and possibly the Caribbean.

Below is a list of all upcoming seminars. Each with a brief description. Click on it for more details.

The Lightning Path Level 1
October 21-23, 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The opening to The Lightning Path(™) seminar series, and gateway into Trance Assisted Tantra(™). Level One is a completely new event 3-day live training in Amsterdam Oct 21-13, 2016. Special one-time only price $600.
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The Lightning Path Level 2
October 24-28, 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The second in the Lightning Path seminar series. This training shows you how to use Trance to access the "entire buffet of human sensuality". For Level Two it is strongly recommended you bring your lover / partner.
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