Erotic Hypnosis – Sexy Fun Hypnosis For Lovers

April 13, 2019 |

__erotic___by_misslaurelle-d5oeh8sMany people are curious about Erotic Hypnosis. After all the name is made up of two words which have a very high emotional charge. Erotic. And Hypnosis. So let’s take these in reverse order and start with…

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis isn’t a thing. It’s a process by which one person (The Hypnotist) leads another person (The Subject) into a specific mental and emotional state called “Trance”. The most foolproof way to do this is by using an induction known as the Ellman Induction. This is the induction taught in all Renegade Hypnotist coursework. You can search for “Ellman Induction” and find many variations online. Ironically, the process of hypnosis is not that important to Erotic Hypnosis. What is important is known as a Trance State and the eroticism. So next the question is…

What is Trance?

Trance is a mental state where you suspend disbelief. A state where you no longer make critical judgements. You don’t think things like… “This is not me” or “That’s not real” or “good” or “bad”. Instead you EXPERIENCE what ever the hypnotist guides you through, and it is vividly real. How is this possible? To use a familiar example, remember what it’s like you watch a movie like Star Wars.

The Star Wars Trance

When you watch the movie you know there is no Death Star. It’s just a model. You know there is no Darth Vader. He’s just an actor with an awesome costume. And you know there are no Light Sabres. It’s done with computer animation. Yet during the movie you let all that go and enjoy the story. You likely experienced various emotions like anger at the mean emporer, sadness when Obi Wan dies, and shock when you find out Darth Vader is Luke’s father. None of which are real events, yet you have emotions that feel real to you. This happens because you suspend disbelief and allow yourself have the experience. This is a trance state. Trance is what the hypnotist aims for, and it’s fairly easy because all humans have experienced trance many times before. When a subject is in trance, what ever the hypnotist says becomes the vivid reality of that person. So, trance is like a playground of the mind. Or put another way… Inside of trance, anything is possible. Now let’s look at…

What is Eroticism?

Most people think Erotic = Sex. But that’s only a small part of it. The word Eroticism come from the Greek word eros referring to “desire”. The general definition is it’s a quality that causes sexual feelings. It also refers to a state of arousal or anticipation of sexual desire. In short… a pattern of thoughts. Starting to see how this all fits? A pattern of thoughts is exactly what a hypnotist creates inside of their subjects mind. Now a better definition of eroticism is more focused. As in focused on her. So for a man, eroticsim means paying attention to that which excites and satifies your woman. Noticing what moods turn her on. What sensations turn her on. What clothing makes her feel sexy. Then giving these things to her. And it’s easier using trance and suggestion than any other way, because you can create any reality. Any scenario. Any fantasy and make it seem real. Plus it gets even better, because you might have heard of this thing called Orgasm on Command. How is this possible? Because, every nerve in her body connects to her mind. And inside her mind she’s capable of infinite pleasure.

Orgasms and the mind

Orgasm is a mental phenonmena. Most men think orgasms are confined between the hip and the upper thigh. But the reality is there can be full body orgasms, orgasms that are like waves, and knee-buckling need to sleep for 8 hours multiple orgasms. And all of these can happen because of how you think. So to tie it all together… Hypnosis is a process that leads to trance. Trance is a mental state where anything is possible. By noticing what turns your woman on, and telling her these things while she’s in trance she can experience unlimitted pleasure. Because orgasm is a mental phenomena, erotic suggestions in trance can give your woman an orgasm on command. Or multiple orgasms on command, or mutiple full-body orgasms on command. You are only limited by your imagination. Have fun. Go Renegade!